Circle of Shadows

The Circle of Shadows

The Circle of Shadows Dominion

In ancient times, it is told that gods and myths ruled the land: the common people quaked in fear under their power, and those willing to embrace the gods corrupting power rose upon the others as rulers, wielding great powers and dark magic. Those gods were known as a pantheon with many names, but the one that got to modern times is The Circle of Shadows.

The Church of the Holy Harmony holds that it was the Mother and the Father, through their Avatar, that ended the Circle’s dominion of the lands of men, but who knows if that story is accurate. Nowadays many non faithful scholars (and some faithful too) question the very existence of the Avatar.

The Circle’s Gods

All the Gods in the Circle of Shadows preside over some aspect of nature.

  • Dazbog, the Shepherd of Wolves. Presides over the woods and their wild animals. Most children scary story about the dangers and monsters of the Dark Wood can be traced to bits of Dazbog’s myth.
  • Veteema, the Mother of the Deep. Presides over waters, especially when deep. To this day many sailors have superstitions that derive from rituals to keep her sated, to be safe at sea.
  • Gilthin√®, Ruler of the Dead. The gender of this deity is always left unclear in the stories. Sometimes clearly male, sometimes female, sometimes ephebic. Scholars debate if it’s actually a group of entities. Not that it matters: this was the master of all things related to death and the dead, including cemeteries, ghosts and hauntings.
  • Nocnitsa: Mistress of the Nightmares
  • Slogutis: Father of Hunger

Circle of Shadows

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