The Counts of Wulfgaard have been Imperial Electors since time immemorial. Heavily covered in thick ancient woods, hilly and mountainous, Wulfgaard has been far from the gilded and fashionable halls of the Imperial Seat for a while now.

Countess Gisela von Wulfgaard, the current ruler of the house, had big plans for a comeback to the center of Imperial politics and power: she raised her son Conrad with this intent in mind, grooming and educating him in all the arts needed to be the perfect heir and the perfect husband for the daughter of one of the bigger houses; the tool of a future big alliance that would have ultimately put the young Conrad in the inner circle of the Emperor… and maybe sitting on the Crimson Throne itself.


Secret Knowledge

Countess Gisela secretly is the head of the cult of Dazbog the Shepherd of Wolves, believed destroyed and lost a couple of centuries before, when the Knights of the Divine Armony wiped it out for practicing black magic. Turns out, they were right: Gisela does practice the Dark Arts, and has subtly guided Conrad’s education in magic. He wasn’t initiated in the Cult yet when he ran away, though.


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