Elves have inhabited Lesterra forever. Their lives are much longer than those of the humans and for them their lost Golden Age feels at one time both close and impossibly far away. The elven name for their people is “The People of the Stars”, or in their language “Gens de l’Astre” (in the ancient Imperial Language: Iratxi).

Elves in today’s Lesterra

The age of the Citadels and the zenith of the Elven society are far gone: humans have a huge demographic advantage and they are relentless. The Elves were already rejects at the fringes of humanity at the time of the height of the Crimson Empire (in human terms, a age ago): they lost a couple of open-field wars against humans a couple hundred years ago, and their kingdoms completely ceased to exist.

Now there are only a few of them. There are still huge forests and woods in Lèsterra, and some have retreated in the last impenetrable areas and live in a pale shadow of what once where: bitterly refusing contact with the humans that are bound to encroach in their territory within a human generation or two.

Others have regular contacts with humans but try to live at the fringes of society. Shunned and unloved, for the average elf this destiny is worse than death.

Some, considered pitiful by other elves, live in human villages and cities, subject to the all too common human hatred and racism. The most common slur for elves is a mispronunciation of their people’s name: “lastre” or “gendelastre”.


Some of the most fiery spirits among the Elves have decided that the only way to change things is to fight back. They are the rebels, guerrilla fighters and terrorists known as “L’Estiròl” (the Squirrels, in elven). They consider themselves freedom fighters, clearly, and they surely have reasons for what they do (too many elves suffer brutal violence and senseless killing from humans) but their methods can be exceedingly ruthless (depending on the character of the leader of each cell). Dwarves are generally welcome to join l’Estiròl and are considered brothers (or at least cousins) sharing the same cause.

Some words in Elven

  • Stars: astre
  • Moon: lùa
  • Sun: solelh
  • Citadel: granissa/ciutadèla
  • Patriarch: tèsta
  • Prince: pavon
  • Song: cançon
  • Singer: cantaira
  • Firstborn: davantnèu
  • Tribe: ostal/familha


Elves and their freedom fighters are clearly and explicitly inspired by the Witcher saga.

Their language is Occitan (or at least heavily inspired by it). “Estirol” is actually squirrel in one of the Piedmontese dialects from the borders of the Occitan region.


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