Dwarves share the fate of elves, largely: their civilization has been overrun by the exuberant human population and migrations. They are often subject to prejudice and racism, though with a somewhat lesser fervor than elves.

Their name in their own language is Rumi Runa llaqta (the People of the Stone or the Rock People) but Imperials just call them dwarves, or rumi (sometimes used as a slur “stingy like a rumi”).

Dwarven Fortresses

Some dwarven fortress still exist today. A handful, carved in the most impenetrable mountains, but they are fading, locked and isolationist, expending great efforts to save the dwarven orthodoxy and traditional way of life.

The Dwarven Renegades

Dwarves that choose life among the humans are no longer considered part of dwarven society proper. They will never be accepted back in a fortress by the elders. On the other hand, some of the renegades have arguably a better life than the average dwarf, if they are lucky enough to live in a village with no embittered racist and their skills are in demand.

The exception: Alkmaar’s Fortress

Alkmaar’s dwarven community is an oddity: the dwarven quarter inside the city is heavily fortified, with thick walls, Alkmaar’s Fortress has de-facto extraterritoriality from the city law for its dwarven citizen and is considered a Fortress under all respects.

Many of the mountain elder orthodox dwarves are still not ok with it, but they tolerate them. Alkmaar’s orthodox dwarves, by reaction, tend to be adamant in their observance, to prove that they deserve their status as “proper dwarves”.

Some words in Dwarven

  • Forge: q’illay takay
  • Fire: nina
  • Artificer: ninaruna
  • Guild: kurku
  • Guilder: kurkuruna
  • Clan: ayllu
  • Clansman: aylluruna
  • Orthodox: ├▒awpa pacha (runa)
  • Clan Head: uma
  • Gold: Quri
  • Fortress: Pukara
  • Bank: Pukaraoquri


The dwarven language is directly lifted from Quechua, just because (and also because the quechua word for “man” is “runa”).


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