Countess Gisela von Wulfgaard

Ruler of the Wulfgaard family, mother of Conrad


Countess Gisela von Wulfgaard

gisela_painting.jpgCurrent head of the Wulfgaard family and lands, Gisela is 46 but looks much younger.

She groomed her son Conrad to be the perfect court noble and groom for a profitable marriage, all part of her plan to bring Wulfgaard to the center of the Imperial politics. Unfortunately, Conrad ran away in his teens.

Obviously this would be a scandal, so (at least officially, and in Wulfgaard) the official story is that Conrad went abroad to study.

She has certainly not forgot about him and her plans.

Secret information

Gisela is the head of the Cult of Dazbog the Shepherd of Wolves, a cult that has been officially eradicated from the Empire a couple of hundred years ago. It is outlawed because Dazbog is one of the Circle of Shadows, an ancient pantheon that furthers the power of the Shadow in different forms.

Conrad has been unwittingly initiated to the Shadow, but ran away.


Countess Gisela von Wulfgaard

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