Crimson Empire

The Crimson Empire

Korrigard_Vessillo.pngThe big, ancient empire that comprises most of the continent is called the Crimson Empire, or often Korrigard Empire, after the Imperial Capital (and biggest city in the known world).

In the last 200 years the central power has been divided further and further through a feudal system and nowadays the Elector Counts nominate and elect His Imperial Highness the Crimson Empire, Lord of the World.

The title is nowadays mostly hollow, a symbol without much real power, even if few dare admit it. The Empire is at a crossroad: if the biggest Duchies and Principates started to secede it could disappear forever, or one or more could try to take power in their hands (assuming an alliance can be reached). Or, the Counts could actually elect a competent Emperor by mistake. And that is possibly their biggest fear: the a lot of the common people still considers the Crimson Throne the ultimate authority.

Crimson Empire

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